Welcome to ARM Robotics


We have a team comprised of professionals that combine teaching skills with a vast professional experience in the automation industry, in products as well as processes. The team contributes this experience as an added value for training our students.

This combination of aptitudes ensures our students achieve a thorough understanding and gives them the necessary tools to become self-sufficient at their jobs.


The contents of the courses have been developed based on the diversity of manufacturers, models and processes that can be found at robotised installations and the training cycles can be adapted to the needs of the client. These courses are also structured at different levels based on the knowledge and requirements of each group.

The courses begin with basic theory to assimilate the concepts and also practical training is provided using equipment prepared for this purpose. This suitable combination results in the students acquiring a solid knowledge that guarantees the success of the training.

Upon completion of each course, the student receives a diploma that certifies they have completed the course.


In following our customer satisfaction policy, the training courses may be held at our facilities as well as on-site at the client's facilities.