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ARM Robotics was established in 2004 by four professionals of the industrial robotics sector who decided to use their vast experience in creating a company aimed at providing comprehensive robotic services.

With their central offices located in Baracaldo, they quickly began working on important national projects (Vitoria, Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona…) as well as international projects (Germany, United Kingdom, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, India ...). Their exceptional trajectory earned them several awards and acknowledgment as young entrepreneurs and even resulted in them being invited to the famous television programme called "El Hormiguero".

In constant growth, currently ARM Robotics has an office in Barcelona, they have also established ARM Industrial Assemblies, which is dedicated to Industrial Maintenance and Assemblies and has future projects planned like the opening of an Industrial Automation and Robotics Training Centre in Baracaldo.

During these years, new professionals have joined the team making ARM a young and dynamic company with a consolidated experience, capable of advising and accompanying their clients through all the phases involved in commissioning an installation; from the reception of the robot to beginning production.


We are a company that is not associated with any manufacturer, which allows us to analyse the particular requirements of each client and advise them objectively in order to reach the best possible solution in each case.


Our training and experience has provided us with the sufficient versatility to integrate and programme a wide range of industrial robots that exist on the market.


Our present and future is to invest in quality, innovation and internationalisation to ensure our clients achieve a leading position in today's competitive market.


From its establishment, the armrobotics business project has received the following acknowledgment and awards:

1st Place

2003 CEDEMI Award

2nd Place

In the third Business Initiatives contest (Left Margin)

I+E (Innovation and job creation)

Certification awarded by CEDEMI

I+E (Innovation and job creation)

Certification awarded by INEM


In the New Basque Company Business Ideas Contest organised by GARAPEN


By INGURALDE of ARM Robotics' business trajectory during the year 2005